Dia de la Pasa 2018 in El Borge, Malaga, Spain

Dia de la Pasa 2018 in El Borge, Malaga, Spain

Dia de la Pasa 2018 in El Borge, Malaga, Spain
16 September 2018


El Borge, a town that produces raisins par excellence, celebrates every year “El Día de la Pasa”, a festival focused on the promotion of this fruit of vital importance in the economy of the municipality. On that day, among other events, demonstrations of elaboration and transport are carried out in baskets above the head of the grape pickers.

Dia de la Pasa 2018 in El Borge, Malaga, Spain

Dia de la Pasa 2018 in El Borge, Malaga, Spain

This town, with a little more than a thousand inhabitants, promotes this festival in honor of the raisins with a Málaga designation of origin. On this day there are more than 10,000 people who, in addition to giving away sachets of raisins, also offers gazpacho, muscatel wine, sausages and other typical products of the gastronomy of the Axarquía region, all enlivened with pandas de verdiales and rocieros choirs.

During the day there are different demonstrations of the tasks that are given for its elaboration, from the harvesting of the grapes, transfer, laying and drying in the paseros, to the chopped raisins, sieve, packaging and treading of the muscatel grape ( the must that is produced is tasted by the visitors).


14:00 Representation and “Pisa of Moscatel Grapes” in El Pocillo square. Official act in the Plaza de la Constitución. Welcome remarks by the Mayor of El Borge D.salvador fernández marín.

16:30 Performances of the Quartet “Velada” and the group “Tocando al Aire”

20:00 Flamenco night “Gypsy Party of the street of Los Negros”




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EL Borge XX Dia de la Pasa : Raisin Day

El Borge : XX Dia de la Pasa

El Borge : XX Day of the Raisin

20 September 2015

A Provincial Tourist Singularity Festival : dia de la pasa

El Borge, a small town of the Axarquía, with just over 1000 inhabitants, stands out as the leading producer of raisins in Spain.

Every year the Raisin Day is celebrated as a festival in honor of this fruit that has Malaga´s designation of origin, with demonstrations of all tasks related to processing, from collection, transportation, laying and drying of the grapes “paseros” until chopped, sorting and packaging.

El Borge : XX Day of the Raisin

El Borge : XX Day of the Raisin

During the day, plus raisins, you will get free gazpacho, muscatel wine and traditional sausages of the area; all enlivened with verdiales and Rocío choirs.

Location of dia de la pasa in El Borge