Riogordo : Day of the Snail 29/05/2016

DAY OF THE SNAIL. Riogordo (Axarquía Costa Del Sol).
DATE: 29 May 2016.

Day of the Snail Riogordo 2016

Day of the Snail Riogordo 2016

Riogordo is one of the seven municipalities in the Axarquía that make up the Route of Oil and Mountains. Each May, the inhabitants invite you to try one of the specialties that characterize the cuisine of the municipality: snails in broth.

This unique dish is prepared the local way, cooked in its own juices and served with olives and wine ground.

Coinciding with this day, along with a big party enlivened with a parade of street musicians, bands and groups of choir and dance, a cattle fair is installed, which for three days, and following tradition, you can buy and sell all kinds of livestock.

Tourist information: Town Hall, Plaza de la Constitución, 14 (29180). Phone: (+34) 952 732 154 Fax: (+34) 952 732 380

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porra antequerana andalucian inland dish

Porra Antequerana Andalusian Cuisine Inland Dish

Te porra, our favourite !! A Simple typical dish, a traditional Andalusian cuisine dish with tomatoes, bread crumbs, eggs and cooked ham tacos.

The peasants who worked on these lands invented one of the most typical dishes of the gastronomy of Málagaporra antequerana.

Though the origin of this cold dish as belonging exclusively to Antequera is not clear.

porra antequerana andalucian inland dish

porra antequerana andalucian inland dish

It has been eaten in a large part of the north of the province since the dawn of times and many villages of the region claim it for their own.



For 4 people:

  • 1 kg. ripe tomatoes
  • 1/2 kg. dry bread crumbs
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 100 gr. ham into cubes
  • extra virgin olive oil (very important)
  • salt


Making of the Porra Antequerana

Peel the tomatoes, cut them into pieces, place them in the blender cup along with the garlic clove. Grind until you get a homogeneous cream. Add the bread cut into cubes, grind it, pour a little oil and keep grinding.

porra antequerana process of making

porra antequerana process of making

Pass it through a strainer, also called a “chino”, pour a little oil and mix well with a hand stick. Put it in the fridge until its cool.

colador or "chino"

colador or “chino”

Peel the potatoes, cut into long narrow pieces and fry in a pan with oil. Drain on a plate lined with kitchen paper.

Serve in individual bowls. Add the chopped boiled eggs, ham tacos and a few strips of potatoes. To top it off, add a little more oil.


A Tip

In the kitchen the extra virgin olive oil becomes true protagonist, giving flavor and aroma to dishes, whether it is used raw in salad dressing as used as an ingredient in some dishes.

porra antequerana suggestion of presentation

porra antequerana suggestion of presentation

Hope you enjoy making and eating it.

Any comments are welcome 🙂





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