Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016

Pujerra : Chestnut Festival 29 October 2016

What : Chesnut Festival in Pujerra, Málaga

Where : Pujerra, Málaga, Spain, Inland Costa del Sol

When : 29 October 2016 till 30 October 2016

The arrival of autumn is the date on which the celebrations related to the chesnut take place. Every year in late October or early November it is celebrated in Pujerra, located in the Serrania de Ronda. The Chestnut Festival, which coincides with the day of the patron saint of the town, the Virgin of Fatima.


Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016

Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016

Normally, the holiday is usually done when the collection of the Chesnut is finished.

Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016

Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016

During this holiday you can enjoy music and dancing in the streets of the town, as well as tasting more than 50 dishes made with chestnuts and accompanied by anise or brandy. In addition, you can visit many places where clothes and typical tools in collecting the fruit are shown.
Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016

Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016



10:00 Launch rockets announcing the start of the 14th CHESTNUT FESTIVAL AND VIRGIN OF FATIMA 2016.

11:00 Diana and Parade, with the performance of the verdiales OF PARAUTA

12:00 official opening speech of the 14th edition of the Chestnut Festival, by D. CARLOS DELGADO MORALES Gaspar.

13:00 Delivery Chesnut of the year award 2016 to the adult group of theater.

15:00 Fair day enlivened by the “MALACAI” groups and “ROMPEOLAS”.

15:00 Afternoon free access at the Chestnut Museum.

17:30 gastronomic tasting of products made with chestnuts in the Plaza de la Iglesia.

18:00 Traditional TOSTÓN CHESTNUT accompanied by anise and sweet wine.

20:00 MEMORIAL to the Association of Friends of Cadiz by its X Collaboration and Promotion of the Chestnut Festival.

Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016

Fiesta de la castaña Pujerra 2016


10:00 rocket fire.

11:30 Celebration of Holy Mass in honor of Our Lady of Fatima, patroness of Pujerra.

12:00 PROCESSION in honor of our Patron, accompanied by the Band of Pujerra.

FAIR DAY 16:00 enlivened by the “MALACAI” group.

16:00 Afternoon open at the Chestnut Museum.

17:00 SPECIAL TOSTÓN variety “Chestnut pilonga”.

18:00 End party with hot chocolate and churros.



Yunquera Fiesta Vino y Castaña 2016

Yunquera : Wine and Chestnut Fair 2016

Where : Yunquera, Málaga Costa del Sol Inland

What : Wine and Chestnut Fair

When : 22 October 2016 till 23 October 2016

Yunquera, every October, pays homage to the chestnut fruit typical of autumn and base of  its traditional cuisine, and exquisite wine from grapes raised in the cold lands of the Sierra de las Nieves.

Yunquera Fiesta Vino y Castaña 2016

Yunquera Fiesta Vino y Castaña 2016

Roasted chestnuts in syrup, cooked, candied or just picked directly from the tree, and a good wine, sweet wine, pink or white, all alive with the music of the verdiales, attract hundreds of people that day.

Yunquera Fiesta Vino y Castaña 2016

Yunquera Fiesta Vino y Castaña 2016

The party starts in the square where more than twenty stalls offer from the serrano products like strawberry, cold meats or oil, to the traditional pottery of the region, and continues with various activities such as cooking contest, the stepping of the grape, and tasting the typical dish of Yunquera, the” malcocinao”, made from chickpeas, bacon, tripe, chorizo and morcilla.



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X Ruta de la tapa : Pizarra 2016

Pizarra : X Fiesta de la Tapa 2016 : Tapas Route

where : pizarra

when . 14,15,16 October 2016

What : X Ruta de la Tapa of Pizarra

Provincial Tourist Singularity Event

Pizarra, in the Valle del Gudalhorce, celebrates its Tapas Route every October. During a weekend products from their gardens, among others, become protagonists of a party seeking momentum and promotion of the culture of the tapas, presenting the main pizarreño bars and restaurants.

ruta de la tapa pizarra

During the day you can buy a “passport” to go completing stamps on each of the participating establishments and to get different prizes and gifts.

Also, and according to popular vote, the bars and restaurants of the route will be graced with different distinctions, such as the best tapa, best service or prize for the most original tapa.


Route Map : here

Passport : here

General info : here




Property in Pizarra and Alora Areas

feria de mijas 2016 inland properties

Mijas : Feria Virgen de la Peña 2016 : 08/09/2016

The first half of September Mijas village fair in honor of its patron saint, the Virgen de la Peña is celebrated with an extensive program of cultural and festive music, and sports. The festivities start with a Grand Parade of Giants through the main streets of Mijas, accompanied by bands and queens of the fairs of Mijas, Las Lagunas and La Cala with their bridesmaids, and ending with a children’s party in the Municipal Caseta.

The day of the patron saint of Mijas (September 8) and after the traditional floral offering to the Virgin, performed a solemn procession

feria de mijas 2016 inland properties

feria de mijas 2016 inland properties

Mijas Information, Property and History

Location of Mijas

Fuente de Piedra Ribbon Horse Race 2016

Fuente de Piedra : Ribbon Horse Race 08/09/2016

WHAT : Ribbon Horse Race

WHEN : Fuente De Piedra (Antequera)

DATE: 8th of September 2016

Fuentedepiedra, located in the western half of the region of Antequera, is especially known for its salt lake that houses the second largest breeding colony of pink flamingos in Europe.

Fuente de Piedra Ribbon Horse Race 2016

Fuente de Piedra Ribbon Horse Race 2016

In September, coinciding with the feast of its patron saint, they celebrate the “Ribbin Horse Race”, inspired by the fair and jousting tournaments. They go as galloping knights trying to enter the tip of the spear in one of the metal rings hanging tied by a ribbon.

Fuente de Piedra Ribbon Horse Race 2016

Fuente de Piedra Ribbon Horse Race 2016

Today the spears have been replaced by wooden pikes and the race is chaired by the “Manolas” girls from the village chosen for the occasion which also are responsible for the embroidery of the tapes used to hold the rings.

Tourist information: Town Hall, C / Ancha, 9 (29520). Phone: 952 735 016; Fax: 952 735 317

Fuente de Piedra Property and History

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Inland Properties : 9 New Properties for sale added from 260616 to 100716-Olvera-Alora

Inland Properties : 12 New Properties for sale added from 010816 to 270816-Olvera-Alora-Axarquia

Dear Friends

Hereby we show you the 12 new properties for sale added to Inland Properties portfolio in the days from 01/08/2016 to 27/08/2016. 

New Property for sale in Olvera, Alora and Axarquia
























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Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

Manilva : Harvest Festival 2016

WHEN : 03 September 2016

WHERE : Manilva (Costa Del Sol)

Manilva, municipality of the Cosa del Sol each year, coinciding with the end of the grape harvest, celebrates its Harvest Festival.

The first weekend of September, after the Mass and the procession of the Virgin in the early hours of the morning, neighbors congregate on the street to witness the stepping of the grape and taste the first wine of the season.

Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

rocieros groups, verdiales and, since the fall of the night, a great popular festival in the town square, complete the festive offer.

Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

Manilva Property and History :
Manilva Tourist information:
Tourist Office, bldg. Mykonos, Puerto de la Duquesa (29692) Phone: (+34) 952 89 74 34/952 89 38 16
Fax: (+34) 952 89 63 08; e-mail:
Town Hall, C / Mar, 34 (29691). Phone: 952 890 065; Fax: 952 890 066.

frigiliana festival 3 culturas 2016 inland properties

Frigiliana : Festival of the Three Cultures

Where : Frigiliana, Málaga

When : 25/08/2016 to 28/08/2016

Provincial Tourist Singularity Event

Frigiliana, a town in the region of Axarquia, is known as “Villa of the Three Cultures” by the different civilizations that have passed through its streets: Arabic, Moorish and Christian.

frigiliana festival 3 culturas 2016 inland properties

frigiliana festival 3 culturas 2016 inland properties

Annually this small town becomes an international benchmark of integration and coexistence in its “Festival of the Three Cultures”.
Every last weekend of August, the town becomes a playful encounter forum in which to enjoy a care program with musical performances, conferences and gastronomic events, which run along the streets.

frigiliana festival 3 culturas 2016 inland properties

frigiliana festival 3 culturas 2016 inland properties

Entertainment activities with parades, music, juggling, fakirs, belly dancing and children’s activities with a traditional market complete the offer for those days.

frigiliana festival 3 culturas 2016 inland properties

frigiliana festival 3 culturas 2016 inland properties

Where is Frigiliana :

Info about Frigiliana and property for sale :

Property in Spain finally put in order

Spanish Cadastre finds 1.7 million illegal constructions in Spain by satellite

More than 4,300 municipalities have already regularized properties. Revenue from property tax has risen by 1,254 million for this reason

Some 6,331 municipalities have resorted to the Land Registry, the body that records the characteristics of all properties, to discover illegal constructions that citizens have not declared and for which they should pay taxes (IBI, gains …).

To date this agency under the Ministry of Finance has helped regularize using the images obtained from satellites and other aerial photos 1.7 million buildings of more than 4,300 town halls.

The extraordinary cadastral regularization process opened in 2013 when the government allowed to legalize buildings in exchange for a fee of 60 euros. Since then, the collection of property tax has risen by 1,254 million.

Most of the illegal constructions are extensions of houses, terrace enclosures, roofing attics, supplementary to the main dwelling buildings, inches added to the garden or villa and swimming pools that were not declared in the relevant municipalities.

Land Registry statistics shows curiosities like Barcelona and Granada, which are the two Spanish provinces where more irregular pools have emerged by far after the regularization,  and Almeria, Granada, Huesca, Albacete and Ourense is where most new buildings have been found.

December 31st 2016 is the deadline to qualify for the extraordinary process of cadastral regularization that began in 2013 and 78% of all the municipalities of Spain have already begun the review process. The PP government introduced an amendment to the budget of that year to allow this kind of real estate amnesty. Taxpayers legalize their property by paying only 60 euros.

The measure was criticized as unfair by the opposition because it costs the same to regularize the expansion of a farm than the expansion of a  luxury villa in Marbella.

Since then, 6,331 municipalities have requested assistance from the Land Registry to draw an accurate map of the buildings of the municipality. And until last week 4,340 municipalities had closed the process and had regularized 1,691,000 illegal constructions.

Rate of 60 euros

Through aerial photographs or images taken by satellites, the agency of the Treasury checks amendments presented by the property. Sends the info to the Consistory and notifies the citizen to regularize the situation of his property by paying 60 euros.

These structures are irregular because they are not registered with the Land Registry, but they must meet the planning requirements of each municipality.

Thus, abuses are avoided and homes that do not meet the regulations can not be legalized. Therefore, the Cañada Real Galiana in Madrid, where there are about 40,000 illegal dwellings, is not affected by this cadastral regularization process.

This process increases the income of the municipality through the rate of 60 euros to regularize and through increased property value, to compute more meters, for purposes of calculating the property tax (IBI).

Ceuta, Málaga, Pontevedra (Vigo), Huelva, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Murcia and Lugo are the provinces with the highest percentage of urban and rural buildings verified by the Land Registry. Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Jaen, Palencia and Badajoz also have a rate above 70% , according to official data from the Ministry of Finance.

Registration of properties in each municipality has increased by 3% on average after finishing the process, which has allowed municipalities to raise 1,254 million euros in the IBI, according to Treasury estimates.

Precisely this tax is the most important for local entities. The latest data available, from 2014, shows that the revenue from this tax, which has doubled in the last decade, and accounted for almost 40% of tax revenues of the 8,200 Spanish local entities.

The IBI is the only tribute the Spanish tax system whose collection has grown throughout the years, even during the worst moments of the crisis.

In 2014, municipalities got more than 13,225 million euros for this tax on ownership of urban real estate, 6.1% more than the previous year. In fact, local authorities are the only that record a surplus since 2012 thanks to the power and regularity of this tax ..

Inland Properties : 9 New Properties for sale added from 260616 to 100716-Olvera-Alora

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Hereby we show you the 9 new properties for sale added to Inland Properties portfolio in the days from 26/06/2016 to 10/07/2016. 

New Property for sale in Olvera and Alora

This beautiful two bedroom two bathroom townhouse is situated in one of my favourite streets, in a quiet location with lovely neighbours the house has an open plan living space, with a sitting room, dining area and large breakfast kitchen with handmade ru
If its all about outside space, this is the one for you. With endless views from both the house and the huge double terraces of the mountains and a picture postcard view of the castle and the church, this house has everything. From the moment you walk int
This wonderful holiday home set in one of our favourite streets in Olvera, benefiting from parking and great views in a quiet area.
This a gorgeous traditional Andalucian country home, which offers equally peace and tranquility but the benefit of being located at the mid point between Olvera and the village of Pruna. Nestled in its own Olive grove and with pretty gardens it is private
With this property it is seriously all about the location , set right besides the  stunningly  beautiful lake Zahara, it really could not get much better ! its peaceful and private , with the turquoise waters of the lake right besides  you dont even need
This gorgeous piece of land set above the village of Fuente del Conde, has stunning far reaching views towards the Lake Iznajar, The plot of 3100m2 is on the edge of an oak wood with many trees for shade. The plot contains many old beautiful oak and olive
We love it when we find a large old house in great condition, Situated on one of the mort important streets in Olvera, with parking and close to the centre of the old town, as soon as you step out of the front door you are greeted with a wonderful view of
A listed Casa Rural , within the oldest part of Olvera, La Villa the townhouse is nestled into the castle walls that curve around the spacious patio. This large townhouse has enough room for 8 sleeping and has two entrances, the main entrance off the stre
A very attractive 3 bedroomed house with the added benefit of a massive undeveloped ground floor area. The house is located on a quiet, mainly pedestranised street just off the town centre.

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