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Villanueva De Tapia, in the province of Malaga , Information, history  and Property for Sale and Rent

description : To my mind, one of the nicest drives inland from the Costa del Sol and Malaga is out towards Loja and Granada on the A 359, turning off at the A333 to Villanueva de Tapia.Situated on the eastern border of the Province of Malaga between Antequera and the Provinces of Granada and Cordoba.

History of Villanueva De Tapia

history : After the Christian conquest, what is now Villanueva de Tapia, became a serious bone of contention between Iznajar (in the Province of Cordoba) and the municipality of Archidona.Both towns wanted Villanueva de Tapia to be under their domination.

For this reason the village was nicknamed -Entredicho, (under interdict) to which it is still sometimes referred.To solve the problem the advisors of the Real Hacienda, at the beginning of the 17th century, decided that the muncipalities would form part of the Royal Heritage, but Felipe 111, having decided that these lands were not showing enough profit, decided to sell them to a member of the Castile Supreme Advisory Body, named Pedro de Tapia, thus the complete name of the town.

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Things to visit in Villanueva De Tapia

to visit : Villanueva de Tapia is typical of the white villages in the rest of the Antequera region.Walking through the little streets, you can still see vestiges of the 18th century architecture in the facades of some of the buildings.

There is the old Santa Barbara Inn (now a privately owned property), which adds to the flavour of the past to this Andalucian enclave

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Picture of the Town of Villanueva De Tapia, located in the Costa del Sol of Malaga Province, Spain
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